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Smart Stick Thermometer


Recommended by 9 out of 10 Pediatricians

The Kinsa Smart Stick Thermometer is FDA-cleared for accuracy. It’s lightweight, requires no batteries and connects directly to your smartphone for an easy temperature read in seconds.



  • Powered by your smartphone
  • Tracks health history for the whole family
  • Offers real-time guidance on next steps
  • Tells you what’s going around


  • Takes reading in seconds
  • No batteries required
  • Flexible, comfort tip
  • Keeps kids entertained with bubble-popping game


  • FDA-cleared for accuracy
  • Easily shares details with your doctor
  • Cleared for use orally, rectally or underarm
  • Won’t break or die

Customer Reviews

“The absolutely smartest, easiest and fastest thermometer I've ever used. I love that each member of my home has their own profile and record of health. I've looked at many different thermometers in department stores and have found nothing that even comes close to what this thermometer can do. Even better it's extremely affordable plugs right into your phone and you can get a temperature in seconds. I highly recommend this to all my family and friends.”
Garth Harold Jensen

“Really like this thermometer. Love that I can track when I give my kids medications, what their symptoms are and temperature. I had 2 kids test positive for flu B AND strep this week. It was so nice being able to open the app and show the Dr exactly how long each child had been running a fever and what their symptoms were and what medications I had given them.”
Corina Burgen

“Absolutely best thermometer ever! My husband and 10 month old daughter both came down with the flu and this thermometer has been as absolute life saver. I can keep track of temps plus write a note under their individual profile when I gave them some medicine. It's extremely easy to use and I am so glad I decided to get one. I highly recommend everyone to buy one. You won't regret it!”
Kayle Foreman

“We got this and thought oh well another gimmick for temp reading. I was wrong! The Kinsa is fantastic! Super fast reading and very accurate I checked all of them against my regular thermometer my grandma a RN showed me how to use when I was little. Which I know is very accurate. Love it, love the app! Thank you!”
Michelle Fairbanks-Colon

What’s in the box

  • Kinsa Smart Stick Thermometer
  • Kinsa smart stick cable
  • Setup adapter
  • How it works manual  


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Kinsa Smart Stick thermometer

Kinsa Awards

2017 Cribsie Awards Finalist
2017 The Bump Best of Baby Tech Award
2018 The Bump Best of Baby Tech Award
2016 The Bump Best of Baby Tech Award
2016 National Parenting Publications Award
2016 Cribsie Awards Finalist