It's fun

Kids fidget. Especially when they're sick. So Kinsa's fun, engaging screen calms little Susie while you take her temperature, making it easier and faster.

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It's designed for comfort

It's thin and flexible, designed especially for comfort.
Easy to use. Easy to store.

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You'll know more

Next time you're at the pediatrician's office, tell them exactly when and how Susie's symptoms began, just by pulling out your phone. Effortlessly track your entire family's illness history with a few taps. All in one place.

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See the health around you*

Susie has a sore throat but no fever. You want to know what it is. With Kinsa, see 'what's going around' in your area or at Susie's school. So you can keep her healthy.

*This feature is currently in development

Get yours $24.99
Now compatible with iOS and Android!
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