More than a thermometer.

Kinsa gives you the info you need to feel better — faster — from detailed health tracking to real-time guidance on next steps

Your thermometer needs an upgrade.

Old Thermometer


Your current thermometer
  • Tells you your temperature

Kinsa Thermometer


Kinsa Smart Thermometer
  • Tells you your temperature
  • Offers real-time guidance on what to do next
  • Tracks fever, symptoms, medications and diagnoses for you
  • Sends your health details straight to your doctor
  • Lets you know if fever is cause for concern

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Kinsa for Families

Kinsa makes illness easier on parents and kids. Track health history for the whole family.

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Kinsa for Schools

Keep the classroom healthier and see what’s going around at your school.

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Kinsa for All

Kinsa helps everyone detect sickness sooner, and stop it in its tracks.

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