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Introducing Kinsa

Plug into Your Health with the
Kinsa Smart Thermometer and App

The world’s first smartphone thermometer and family health tracking app

FREE app helps you track your family’s health over time, making it easy to share with your doctor.

Download the Kinsa Smart Thermometer app from the iTunes Store.Download the Kinsa Smart Thermometer app from Google Play.

iPhone and Kinsa Smart Thermometer

Our award-winning Smart Thermometer gives you fast and accurate temperature readings. Easy to use and toddler-approved! Just $29.99.

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Smartphone reading temperature with Kinsa Smart Thermometer

Simple, Accurate and Fast

Perfect for Even the Squirmiest Patient

  • Professional Accuracy
  • 10-Second Read Time
  • Animated screens help kids stay put
  • Use orally, under the arm or rectally
  • No batteries required so it'll never die
  • Easy to clean; use with any disposable probe covers
  • Comes with optional extension cord
  • 10-Second Read Time
  • Professional Accuracy
  • Animated Screens Help Kids Stay Put

Illness history tracking with the free Kinsa Smart Thermometer app.

Arm Your Doctor with the Data to Diagnose

  • Monitor symptoms and medications for each member of the family
  • Track illness progression & document with pictures
  • Keep a record for you and your doctor
  • Track your illness progression. Even document symptoms with photos!

See a map of health in your area with the free Kinsa Smart Thermometer app.


See the Health Around You

  • Check out your area's "Under-the-Weather" map
  • Join groups: school, neighborhood*, workplace*
  • Know when to triple-wash those hands
  • Join a group to see what's going around in your child's school or neighborhood.

*Ability to create custom groups coming soon.

It Takes A Village...
to Stop a Virus

Learn more about Kinsa’s mission

Check out the Smart Thermometer in
Apple's recent Parenthood commercial

Rave Reviews

The twins LOVE the bubbles. We took temperatures over and over (and over and over and over) again so they could watch the "buh-buhs" float around. Tripp could not get enough! 

It's fun. It works. It's easy to use. And, it gives you great data points to track. This is how thermometers should be and the integration possibilities have me giddy.


The best feature as a mom is the fact that it saves every reading under her profile along with any symptoms so I was able to accurately report to the pediatrician.

This is the only thermometer I will ever use again.


The Kinsa is an awesome device. We always would lose our old fashioned thermometers and misplace those unreliable ear thermometers. The Kinsa is always right there. Super easy to use and crazy precise. I'm planning on buying another so that we have one in both our kid's bathroom and ours.


Love the options for pictures, log of temps for different family members, and the ability to add your personal notes along with the preset symptoms. Was great when I could give the Dr. the specifics of what had been going on via my notes/log. One of the best app/accessory matches yet. #nomorescrapsofpaper


It's not often you find an app with an external accessory that does exactly what it claims to do.. But this one does. Very professional feel of both app and external accessories and comes along with a handy carrying case. Easy to set up and fun to use.. quite useful when my toddler isn't feeling well.


Very simple to install and to measure temperature!!!! I'm so happy I don't have to rely on batteries any longer!

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