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More than a thermometer.

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Kinsa helps keep your whole family healthy

Kinsa supports you from the first sign of illness through recovery and beyond by focusing on what’s most important - what to do next.

Old Thermometer


Your current thermometer
  • Takes your temperature


Kinsa Smart Thermometer
  • Takes your temperature
  • Offers personalized guidance on how to soothe symptoms and when to call the doc
  • Reminds you when to take meds and at what dosage
  • Keeps your family’s health details in your pocket whenever you need them
  • Shows which illnesses are circulating nearby for a better idea of what bug you’re fighting

See how Kinsa can help you.


Kinsa for Families

Kinsa makes illness easier on parents and kids. Track health history for the whole family.

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Kinsa for Schools

Keep the classroom healthier and see what’s going around at your school.

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Kinsa for All

Kinsa helps everyone detect sickness sooner, and stop it in its tracks.

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Feel better.

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