Kinsa’s Privacy Principle:

Personally identifiable information should never be used without a user’s explicit permission and ongoing awareness. Aggregate and fully anonymized data can and should be democratized for societal benefit.

At Kinsa, we strongly believe that companies and organizations need to find ways to democratize information that is helpful for society without sacrificing privacy. We also believe that the spread of infectious illness is one of the biggest problems the world faces, and that in order to stop it, we MUST know where and when it is starting. We founded Kinsa to do just that -- to gather anonymous information from people who have just fallen ill in a way that protects personal information so people will want to participate. Our illness signal, which is all we share, shows aggregated, fully anonymous levels of illness by zip code or county.

Here is what we will never share or sell:

  • any of your personal information

  • any information about you

  • any information which could be used to identify you

  • any information which could be used to target ads at you specifically

Here’s what we will do with our illness signal:

  • Arm pharmacies with information on where and when illness is rising and peaking so they can avoid running out of medicines, antivirals and other products people need in these moments.

  • Work with vaccine distributors to ensure that supply is not underestimated so people can get the vaccine when they need it, nor overestimated leading to unnecessary waste (since all unused vaccines must be properly destroyed).

  • Give it to elementary schools to help them stop illness from spreading. 90% of school nurses in our free school health program agreed that the program kept them more informed about illnesses circulating in their schools, while 75% of parents said the program made their life easier during flu season.

  • Offer it to local news stations when illness levels spike, so they can inform their audiences to take extra precaution. More than a hundred local news stations have used our illness data to warn local populations of spikes.

  • Work with companies to direct their digital marketing to sicker geographies if and only if the products those companies sell advance a public health agenda, such as disinfectants that the CDC says are helpful in stopping illness from spreading, and medicines or other products that can alleviate symptoms.

While we have taken every precaution and followed every regulation regarding privacy (including adhering to HIPAA), you are in complete control of the data you share with us. Whether on iPhone or Android, our app specifically asks you to opt-in to share your location. If you choose to deny that request, your location data is not shared with us at all, and therefore you do not contribute to our illness signal. You can also opt-out at any time by following these steps: . However, this means you will not be contributing to Kinsa’s mission to stop illness from spreading.

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