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The World's Smartest Thermometer

Pediatrician Recommended

  • FDA-cleared for accuracy
  • Tracks health history
  • Real-time guidance on next steps
  • No battery required
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  • Dr Aarti Nasta
    Dr Aarti NastaPediatrician

    Pediatrician Recommended:

    “The Kinsa smart digital thermometer belongs in every family's medicine kit! As a mom, I was amazed at how taking a temperature for my children went from being painful to pleasant and efficient. As a pediatrician, it is a useful tool that allows me to truly know the temperature history of my patients."
  • Sarah
    SarahMother of 2
    “It's not often you find an app with an external accessory that does exactly what it claims to do. But this one does. Very professional feel of both app and external accessories and comes along with a handy carrying case. Easy to set up and fun to use. Quite useful when my toddler isn't feeling well.”
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    ThalethiaMother of 2
    “I simply cannot say enough good things. This winter, it felt like one of us was sick at all times! Kinsa kept me sane. Plus, when I had a technical problem, they had the best customer service! My family is officially a Kinsa family.”
  • image description
    MarcFather of 2
    “I'm always up for trying the latest gadget, but it's a huge bonus when it's something useful for my family. I love how Kinsa tells us what's going around my kids' schools so we know when to take extra germ-fighting precautions.”
  • image description
    JenniferRN & Mother
    “As a nurse, I know that there's much more to an illness than fever. But as a busy working parent, I love having something that remembers the progression of an illness for me, in case it warrants more than a close eye, fluids and rest.”
  • image description
    ErinMD PhD & Mom
    “As a physician and parent of young kids, I love how easy Kinsa makes it to keep track of fever and symptoms. As a researcher, I am very interested in watching the company as they gather enough data to track contagious illness - this is a huge opportunity.”

Remember Everything

Illness is about so much more than a number readout. By building simple profiles for every family member, you’ll be able to easily record fever, symptoms, medications, notes, and even take photos in a few taps.

Use this information yourself to see how an illness has progressed, share it with another caregiver, or show it to your doctor.


Fight More than Fever

At Kinsa, we know that fever itself is only a symptom -- but using temperature to catch an illness quickly can lead to a faster recovery.

We offer in-app alerts and insights when your combination of fever and symptoms may be cause for concern (similar to information you get by calling a nurse), and knowledge about illnesses that are trending in your area.

Kinsa Awards

2016 Cribsie Award
2016 The Bump Best of Baby Tech Award
2015 The Bump Best of Baby Award
2016 Cribsie Awards Finalist
2015 National Parenting Publications Award
2016 National Parenting Publications Award