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My little one BEGS to have her temperature taken! She loves it!
- Nicole Pace
I can't imagine a better solution. #parenting
- Jessica Gotlieb, TheOtherPTA.com
The Kinsa system is like having someone there with you to help you through the extremely unpleasant task of caring for a sick kid.
- Babycenter Blog
Best new gadget every parent should know about
- PopSugar
I'm throwing away our other digital thermometer. This one is so much better.
- Susan Lentz

Customer Reviews

Pediatrician recommended

I love the concept and convenience of having a thermometer that links to the iPhone and stores temperatures so that parents can report accurate temps during calls and visits. Very user friendly, love the appearance of the app and so fun to see the kinsa in commercials! I will definitely recommend this to patients looking for thermometers!!
Dr. Ali H

Best thermometer on the market!

As a mother to a two year old, we have tried several thermometers in his short life. Mainly because of slow readings, accuracy of readings, and the need to add/subtract degrees depending on where you took the temp. When we found Kinsa, we immediately fell in love! It allows us to have quick and accurate readings, record all temps for EACH child, record symptoms, and access the bubble feature while we wait for the reading to appear. The child can pop the bubbles to distract them while they wait! Genius! If you have a small child, you know something like this is a game changer! I refer all of my friends to use this thermometer! Thanks for an amazing product!!

“The absolutely smartest, easiest and fastest thermometer I've ever used. I love that each member of my home has their own profile and record of health. I've looked at many different thermometers in department stores and have found nothing that even comes close to what this thermometer can do. Even better it's extremely affordable plugs right into your phone and you can get a temperature in seconds. I highly recommend this to all my family and friends.”
Garth Harold Jensen

“My family loves this thermometer!! I love how the app allows you to keep track of symptoms. Super easy to do. Another major perk of the ear one... 1 sec read time.. yes ONE second!! That's just crazy no need to interrupt them once they are finally asleep! The ear reader is my go to and I highly recommend it for anyone!”
Tausha Jones

“Great product/app! Much easier than trying to find the piece of paper I had been writing all the stuff down on.”
James C. Passolt III

I received my Kinsa thermometer and decided I'd better get it up and running before I really needed it. I had a little apprehension about doing the setup, but it was so fast, and very easy. After the set-up, I thought I should test my temp. I liked the bubble popping while I waited, then the temp came right up and asked me if had any of the symptoms shown. This is great, and I have a new grandbaby coming in April.
Janine Corey

Works Great!

Great product and app! Easy to setup and use. Like trending my vital signs daily so this is a great product. Would like it if it was compatible with the HealthKit app so it would be able to pull across the temperatures that you take with the app. Otherwise great product.
Stephen Mangum

The Kinsa app has allowed families to share information about all the "bugs" that travel through our elementary school. Students love breaking bubbles, parents love how easy temperature taking has become!
Pat Douglas

“Absolutely best thermometer ever! My husband and 10 month old daughter both came down with the flu and this thermometer has been as absolute life saver. I can keep track of temps plus write a note under their individual profile when I gave them some medicine. It's extremely easy to use and I am so glad I decided to get one. I highly recommend everyone to buy one. You won't regret it!”
Kayle Foreman

Worked great first day out of the box. Easy setup with very clear instructions
David Nugent

Fantastic app

This is such a smart idea which has been executed brilliantly. Who wouldn't want to keep their family healthy by the simple download of this app? Seriously, awesome!
Maya Nehru

KINSA Incredible! A MUST for care provider!

I LOVE mine soooo much, I gave 3 more as gifts! Excellent gift for a baby shower! NO more guessing how sick children & family are when you cannot be there. You can share your readings, list & track symptoms. NO more pen & paper tracking (losing)! NO more guessing! NO more trying to remember & forgetting! Innovative, easy and, dare I state, kinda fun! THANK YOU KINSA!!! <3
KB Harrison

Great concept and kids love it

We received our kinsa right as our family was coming down with a virus. It's easy to set up and the record keeping is what I love the most. It also appears more accurate than our older ear thermometer. We are connected to our school and it's great to see what's going around. I can't wait to see what add ons (coupons, medication delivery, etc) come next.
Natalie Thorn

Easy set up. Works great and when you need it. Great for travel.
Liliana Ramirez

Works great!!!

I purchased mine about six months ago. And it works better then the thermometers you would buy at Walgreens or CVS. It's very accurate, and very easy to use. I would recommend this product to anyone that has kids. Fast and very reliable.
Darryl Lee

I bought 2 and I love them

I can put it in my purse and use it any time any where, if you have kids your Rilly missing out, this thermometer is so easy and ready plug it to you phone and u can keep family records, comes with a extension cord for kids that won't sit still or if u need a longer reach and when its taking a temp bubbles float the screen that the kids can pop to keep them still and distracted long enough to get a good read.. Wow its great I freaking love it and its so cheap, easy, helpful and always ready to go..
Kimberly Hooker

Love this app and thermometer!

I cannot tell you how much I love this app! When my son was sick, this app helped us keep track of his fevers, frequency of oncoming temperature, medicine, and also his sister. Now if they only add an option for choosing medication given and reminder for the, it would spectacular.
Homar Mendez

“Really like this thermometer. Love that I can track when I give my kids medications, what their symptoms are and temperature. I had 2 kids test positive for flu B AND strep this week. It was so nice being able to open the app and show the Dr exactly how long each child had been running a fever and what their symptoms were and what medications I had given them.”
Corina Burgen

“We got this and thought oh well another gimmick for temp reading. I was wrong! The Kinsa is fantastic! Super fast reading and very accurate I checked all of them against my regular thermometer my grandma a RN showed me how to use when I was little. Which I know is very accurate. Love it, love the app! Thank you!”
Michelle Fairbanks-Colon

Must have

“A must have for parents!”

“I’ve been using my Kinsa for months now and absolutely love it. Best thermometer in the house – add in the fact that it syncs right up with HealthKit and it’s a game changer. Love it!”
Levi Roberts

“Amazing little gadget that makes the lives of mothers so much easier and puts our minds at ease.”
Amber Noble


I like it. At first I wasn't sure how I felt about having to take out my phone to get my daughters temperature but its actually not that bad and convenient that it tracks the temp and time for you so you don't need to write it down or try and remember. Also like how you can make notes so you can write when you gave them meds.
Sharon Hau

Love it

I was able to set up without any help it was that easy. I can't believe how simple it was to get my info along with my profiles. Thanks again!!
Lidia Padilla

Could not love this more!

Having young children in school they get sick alot and we have bought every type of thermometer out there. They are all junk until the Kinsa and the Kinsa app. I can track each family member separately and my husband can do the same on his phone if I'm away. Just made life easy! Keep up the good work! And maybe fix the too warm glitch lol
Angela Marshall

Awesome product

App was easy to setup with the thermometer and taking temps were quick and painless. Tracking history is easy too.
Ashley Kinz

Crazy awesome thermometer!

This app and thermometer are amazing! Best idea and execution of a product I have seen in a very long time! Thank you for making life easier when we have the yuckies
Marcus Jones

Finally the age old thermometer is updated for the iPhone. Love how it tracks my history of temperatures and symptoms. You can also create profiles for everyone in family. Fun design too!
Nathan Morey

Wonderful App!

I love this for so many reasons but the best is that it saves all temps so you don't have to remember what their last fever was in the middle of the night while you have fever too! And then you can take your own:)
Annette Banig

As a school nurse, we've found the Kinsa app and thermometer to be a valuable tool for our school and parents. The app is very user friendly. As a mom, being able to create a profile for all members of your household enables you to keep everyone's information at your fingertips. You can monitor your child's temp and symptoms, record med doses so you don't forget. As a school, we love being able to communicate with parents through our school group about what's going around. Parents communicate with each other too. It's been great!! We were thrilled to be accepted in the FLUency program!! Thank you Kinsa!
DeeDee Morris

Reliable Thermometer with Great App

Have been using this for almost a yr and it's a life saver. I have had zero problems with it and love that it keeps track of my families Temps as well as being able to connect to my kids schools to report fever and illnesses when needed.
Caryn Bear

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