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Like a pediatrician in your pocket.

Kinsa answers questions like “How serious is it?” and “What should I do?” in real-time. See how Kinsa can help you.

How can Kinsa help me?


I have a baby

Caring for a sick baby can be stressful - and exhausting. Let Kinsa track the details and guide you on next steps so you can stay focused on the snuggles.


I have a toddler

Mom’s secret weapon for those screamy, squirmy, won’t-sit-still sick days, helping your family get back on its feet, and saving some sanity while we’re at it.


I have a child

Spend less time at home with sick kids. Find out what’s going around at school so you can nip it in the bud, minimizing disruptions from your busy daily life.

Top 5 reasons to get Kinsa.


Real-time guidance on what to do next


See what’s going around at school


Take accurate temperature readings, fast


Track health history for the whole family


We’ve won awards from parenting pros


Get your family's health on track today.

Choose your Kinsa

Hear what parents have to say about Kinsa.

“Everyone should have this app and at least one of the thermometers.”
- Elizabeth T.

“This is the first time I've been able to take a temperature as easily and accurate. Remembering the times and temperatures is one less worry!”
- Diana M.

“Amazing little gadget that makes the lives of mothers so much easier and puts our minds at ease.”
- Amber N.


The Bump
Best of Baby Tech
The Cribsie
Award Finalist
National Parenting
Publications Award
Cleveland Clinic
Medical Innovation
Grand Prize