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Kinsa, the support system that helps your employees in the moments that matter.  

How Fortune 500 Companies Use Kinsa Today


New Parent Offerings

Give new parents peace of mind while showing you care about their growing family. Then use the Kinsa app to remind them of existing benefits in their moment of need

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Telemedicine Adoption

Increase telemedicine participation 5-10X by offering Kinsa when employees sign up. Then use the app as a portal to your provider right when employees need it most 

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Annual Screenings

Use Kinsa as a carrot to encourage employees to sign up for annual benefits, screenings, flu shots & more. Then use the app to send relevant benefit reminders

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5 Ways Companies Partner with Kinsa

"It's the centerpiece of our maternity kit and gets nothing but rave reviews."
"Costs the same as a water bottle and was a way cooler giveaway at our Health event."
"Gave it to people who got flu shots - we've never had so many people come on the first day."
"We showcase our free health benefits right on the Kinsa app, right when we know people need them."
"Our daycares use Kinsa to see what illnesses are going around so they can keep kids and parents healthier."


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Kinsa Praise

"I expected a onesie from my employer when my baby was born, but I didn't expect Kinsa. I've used it nonstop throughout my maternity leave! What a thoughtful and useful gift."
- Corporate Employee

"Not only are our employees vocal about how much they love their Kinsas; Kinsa has been instrumental in growing usage rates of key health benefits we've offered for years with little adoption."
-Senior Vice President of Benefits, FORTUNE 100 Company


“The Kinsa smart digital thermometer belongs in every family's medicine kit! As a mom, I was amazed at how taking a temperature for my children went from being painful to pleasant and efficient. As a pediatrician, it is a useful tool that allows me to truly know the temperature history of my patients.”
- Dr. Aarti Nasta

 Kinsa in the Press

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