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Feel better.

Kinsa is designed to help everyone detect sickness sooner, and stop it in its tracks.

How can Kinsa help me?


I’m active

Athletes in last year’s Olympic games took Kinsa to Rio as precaution against Zika.

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I’m a data lover

Your body temperature can tell you a lot. Find out why fans of data trackers love Kinsa.

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I’m battling illness

Some of our biggest fans lean on Kinsa every day to help them keep fighting.

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We founded Kinsa to make the world a healthier place. But we need your help.

Over 16% of deaths around the world annually are due to communicable disease.

Every year, more than 55,000 people die in the US from flu and pneumonia.

The total annual economic burden of the flu alone, from lost productivity and medical costs, is $87B.

We're on a mission.

Will you join Kinsa in the fight to detect, treat and stop the spread of contagious illness?

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Top 3 Kinsa features.


Accurate temperature readings, in seconds.


Track your health history, look back to find trends and determine your baseline temperature.


Find guidance on what to do next if your symptoms are cause for concern.


Get your health on track today.

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