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How to Redeem your FREE Kinsa Smart Thermometer

Congratulations on being selected to participate in the FLUency school health program! Please follow these directions to redeem your free Kinsa Smart Thermometer.

5 steps to get your free thermometer

Step 1
Download the free Kinsa smart thermometer app for your Android or iPhone

Downloading Kinsa App

Step 2
Create profiles for each member of your family so you can track their health history

Creating a profile

Step 3
Search for your school group using School Name and city/state, or zip code

Searching for school group

Step 4
Input your shipping address & email, and Kinsa will send a thermometer directly to you!


Step 5
Associate the correct student’s profile(s) to the group and click 'done'


Your thermometer will be shipped directly to your home!

Learn how to set up your Kinsa app

Hear how Kinsa is making a difference at school.

“Kinsa saved us an ER visit! I first checked our Kinsa group...sure enough, another parent was reporting the same symptoms and the doctor gave him a Fifth’s Disease diagnosis.”
- Tom C.

“We saw a higher attendance rate after our school started FLUency. It’s been a great tool to share symptoms and illnesses that keep our students from class.”
- Melissa B.

“We’ve seen an enormous change in the collaboration and information sharing regarding student health in our district.”
- Curt M.