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FLUency Testimonials


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Hear from last year's participants

“My little guy became ill very quick and after viewing the posts on our FLUency message board, we had a good idea what we were up against. I got him to the doctor and with a positive test result for Influenza A… we were able to get him on Tamiflu. Considering the time frame in which Tamiflu is most helpful, having Kinsa helped us get him on the road to recovery quicker.”
PTO Officer / Elementary Parent
“FLUency helped raise awareness in our community about what was going around and helped me, as a nurse, reach out to the community and give them relevant and timely information that they didn’t have before.”
School Nurse

“Over the cold and flu season, Kinsa helped our school track symptoms and support families in being proactive in fighting germs...Our nurse has been able to see what symptoms are going around and then send out an email to alert parents and remind them on preventative measures.”
Assistant Principal
“Instead of rushing to the ER when my daughter broke out in a rash at 3 am, I first checked our Kinsa group...sure enough, another parent was reporting the same symptoms and the doctor gave him a Fifth’s Disease diagnosis. Kinsa saved me an ER visit!”
Kindergarten Parent

“Parents have been able to make decisions based on the symptoms and feedback from other parents they saw in the app. There was an outbreak of Fifth’s Disease at our school this year. Parents shared their kids’ diagnoses and symptoms on Kinsa, and when other parents saw a rash develop on their kid, they realized much faster than they would have otherwise.”
School Principal
“For the first time with Kinsa, I've got all the power I need to make a difference in the health of my family, my school, and my community. FLUency has changed the perspective of the parents at our school. 'Sickness' is no longer just a thing that happens TO us. 'Sickness' is now something we can fight together.”
Elementary Parent

“As the school nurse, I’ve enjoyed communicating with parents using Kinsa. I know what to look for now that I have this forum, and parents are now more likely to take their kids to the doctor when they think they might have something. This has helped us keep kids out of school when they are sick.”
School Nurse
“We saw a higher attendance rate after our school started with the FLUency program. It has been a great tool to help share the symptoms and illnesses that have been keeping our students away from class. Instant notification of someone’s symptoms or diagnosis has helped keep other parents aware of what is being spread at school.”
PTO Officer/Elementary Parent

“My Principal really loved the FLUency program – he keeps thanking me for bringing it to the school! He thinks it’s a great resource. He even brought our superintendent into the loop.”
4th grade Teacher
“We have seen an enormous change in the collaboration and information sharing regarding student health in our district. Putting a simple tool, like a thermometer, in the hands of parents has opened up a channel of information sharing that I would have never imagined. The program has done what I expected to see and much, much more! ”
District Technology Coordinator