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FLUency School Health Program



FLUency in Action

Keeping your school healthier is as easy as 1, 2, 3!  Once accepted into the program, Kinsa will send all families and staff at your school their own Kinsa Smart Stick thermometer.  Armed with their new Kinsa thermometers, your whole community can...

Track health history for a quicker diagnosis

Kinsa’s free app tracks temperature, symptoms, medications and notes for each member of the family. Keep a record for yourself, a pediatrician, or show the school nurse for a quicker, more accurate diagnosis.



View anonymous information on what’s going around

Join a private group for your school to see helpful stats on the common symptoms going around, and what diagnoses other parents are reporting. Know when their sore throat is just a cold, or when its possible they’ve picked up strep.




Keep students healthier through earlier detection

Use the early knowledge of spreading illness to take your child to the doctor faster, get treatment sooner, and help your school prevent sickness from spreading.



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