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Where's the runner-up package you sent me?

Find out how to track the status of your prize box.

Unfortunately, once packages ship out we have as much visibility into shipping status as you do. This means that we have to defer to Fedex!

Take the following steps to track your package on their website:

  • In your email, search for "Runner-Up Winner!"
  • Locate your tracking code in that email.
  • Visit the Fedex site here and copy-paste your tracking number.

Think your package might be lost? Here are a few signs to look out for on the Fedex site that indicate your package is MIA.

  • If the status shows 'shipping label created' and the timestamp on that status change was several weeks ago.
  • If the status shows 'out for delivery and the timestamp on that status change was several weeks ago.

Wondering if we can send you a new package of goodies?

Alas, we can't. Because FLUency is a philanthropic program working with thousands of schools, we don't currently have the resources to ship replacements for packages that are MIA.

So, what's next?

  • Your private school group is still live in the Kinsa app! Click here for digital brochures and coupons that you can print and hand out to families.
  • We'd love to get you involved in next year's program. Click here to enter our 2019 Kinsa for Schools contest.