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How does FLUency work?

Find out how a smart thermometer and a school community group lead to healthier classrooms.

While tracking school health is complicated, here's the spark-notes version of how leveraging a Kinsa smart thermometer and your private school group can keep classrooms healthier this flu season:

  • You receive your welcome kit and distribute flyers to parents and staff members
  • Parents and staff members start joining your private school group and creating profiles for their kids
  • As flu season starts, parents use the Kinsa app to log symptom and illness information
  • As patterns of symptoms and illness start to emerge, your school group gets targeted tips on how to manage those illnesses
  • Rather than continuing to send sick kids to school, parents proactively manage their illnesses at home

Snapshots of illness spreading in classrooms > Community management of classroom health > Fewer sick kids being sent to school > Limited spread of infectious illness (like the pesky flu) in classrooms this flu season!

Learn how a school in Austin, TX is using FLUency to keep classrooms healthier by watching this video!