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Map the spread of illness in real time.

Detect outbreaks now, and predict where they are headed next.


Know what's going around.

Contagious illnesses such as flu are notoriously unpredictable, year over year and region by region. Current data sources are delayed, inaccurate or both.

Kinsa Insights is the earliest and most accurate signal for infectious illness in the U.S. External academics have proven this in peer-reviewed research.


How it works



Collect anonymous age, fever, symptom, location, illness duration and additional information from millions of Kinsa users.



Use neural networks and deep learning to create a real-time illness signal and forecast like no other available today.


Partner with organizations to provide actionable web dashboards, APIs & Integrations or custom research and analytics.

An illness signal like no other



2+ weeks ahead of the Centers for Disease Control


R-squared > 0.96 as compared to the CDC


Forecast up to 3 weeks in advance


Age, zipcode, symptomology and severity

Leading organizations use Kinsa Insights to:

  • Engage communities where illness is spiking to help stop the spread
  • Optimize illness-related staffing and inventory
  • Forecast trends so illness spikes don’t come as a surprise
  • Maximize marketing returns by reaching high intent consumers


Kinsa in Action

Household brand uses Kinsa’s illness signal to remind the country’s germiest regions to disinfect.

Clorox ad interaction increases 22% when Kinsa Insights is used to serve disinfectant ads to sicker zipcodes.

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“Kinsa is the gold standard when it comes to real-time, granular and actionable illness data.”

—Vikram Sarma
Senior Director, Global Insights, The Clorox Company

Ready for insights?

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