You Requested - We Responded!

Kinsa's Story

At Kinsa, we pride ourselves in listening to our users. You trust us in even your most stressful, sick-kid moments. In return, we are constantly looking for ways to improve your experience.
One piece of feedback we've heard is that, while the current plastic storage case looks nice, it doesn't always play nice. To get that cord perfectly wrapped around the edge is challenging on a good day, and more so when you've got a crabby sick kiddo on your hands.
That's why we've changed things up for you! Kinsa now comes with an easy-zip, reusable storage pouch. Even better, our thermometers are now sold in "frustration-free" recyclable packaging, so they're less work from the moment you receive them. 
Interested in purchasing a new Kinsa with a reusable storage pouch? You can get it here on our website and at Amazon today!
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Stay Well,
Team Kinsa