Tracking Illness Across the Country

Kinsa's Story

Although flu strains are less severe this year than last year and the flu vaccine has been more effective, I feel like every time I turn around, someone I know is sick! The common cold is running rampant around me and it turns out I'm not alone.

Right now, both of my kids are stuffy and snotty and quite frankly, it’s exhausting. But I must admit that occasionally, misery loves company and it's a little reassuring that this is par for the course these days!

Here at Kinsa, we're excited to announce that we’ve launched a publicly available interactive health map that can show you the illness levels in your area, all the way down to your county! That means that even if you don't use our smart thermometers, you can now check out our health map to see what sickness currently looks like in your area and track its progression.

Health Map



We’re proud of the work we're doing to track and stop illness from spreading, and it couldn’t be done without everyone who allows Kinsa to anonymously aggregate their illness info (without any personal information attached). So thank you! 

Here's hoping that now that cold and flu season has reached its peak,  it'll start to wane  in my household, too.Fingers crossed!

Download: Baby's First Year Weekly Health Chart