Top Downloaded Free Education Apps


Need some new apps for the new school year to enhance the learning experience of your kids or students? Here are five of the most downloaded apps by parents and teachers. Simplify your life and make learning fun! Did we mention they're free?

1) Remind

This app allows teachers to text students and parents in a safe and easy-to-use way. Teachers are able to send and schedule messages with reminders, announcements, or assignments. The best part about Remind is that no phone numbers are used, so the privacy of everyone is protected. (Also available for Androids)


text messaging teachers schools 
Broadcast one-way messages to all your students & parents for free.


2) Edmodo

This app is a great platform for teachers and students to interact in the classroom. Think of Edmodo as Facebook for the classroom. The activity feed displays posts with assignments, files, and discussions. Teachers can also track student progress with the grade book feature. (Also available for Androids)


education platform app
Connects all learners with the people and resources they need to reach their full potential.


3) Quizlet

The Quizlet app let's you create your own flashcards to help your students study. Not only can you share your flashcard set with your students, but you can also access millions of pre-made sets. It also lets users track progress, so they know which concepts are less familiar to them and require more attention. (Also available for Androids)


flashcard app
Simple tools that let you study anything, for free.


4) PlayKids

A one stop shop for all your educational games, tv shows, and cartoon needs! The free app features a Netflix type subscription service ($9.99 per month for unlimited access), but designed with kids in mind. PlayKids has one leg up on Netflix with its download function, so that kids can watch shows on-the-go! (Also available for Androids)


online entertainment subscription for kids
A world of fun and excitement for you and your little ones.


5) Todo Math

Todo Math is a comprehensive elementary math app to help your kids practice in a fun and engaging way. Besides the huge selection of activities and game levels for different math concepts, it also uses positive reinforcement to encourage kids to enjoy practicing math, and is in line with math educational standards.


math education app 
Your child's personalized math revolution.


Have you ever used these apps in the classroom or at home? If so, do your kids like them? Let us know about other educational apps you love in the comments!


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