Tips to Keep Your Kids Healthy This Summer

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*This post was originally shared on 5 Minutes for Mom & written by Jennifer Dawn


Summer is here! For many families that means trips to the pool, loads of outdoor activities, backyard barbecues, and even beach vacations. Although you and your family may be planning a vacation, summer illnesses aren’t planning on going anywhere.

  1. Wash away the germs. With all the summer fun going on around them, kids are more reluctant to take a break from playing for the essentials like washing their hands. Continue to encourage good hygiene and plenty of hand washing.

  2. Get enough sleep. During the summer months, days are longer and bedtimes become laxer. Stick to a routine and ensure that your child is still getting plenty of rest.

  3. Hydrate. Keep your kids hydrated especially on days spent out in the hot sun. Nothing beats water for staying hydrated, but natural fruit juices and healthy popsicles are great options too. In fact, we have a fantastic popsicle recipe we’re sharing with you below.

  4. Stay active. Ditch the screens and make sure the kids are getting plenty of exercise and activity in the great outdoors. My child’s doctor mentioned the other day that just 15 minutes outside each day prevents vitamin D deficiencies in kids.

  5. Safety first. Summer means more time spent outside participating in fun outdoor activities. Protect your kids from extreme heat and sun by using hats and sunscreen and seeking shade during the hottest parts of the day. Practice bike, scooter, and rollerblade safety with helmets and knee pads. And always make sure kids are supervised around water.

  6. Be prepared. Restock the medicine cabinet with first aid supplies and other essentials your family might need. The Kinsa QuickCare™ Thermometer is a great item to keep handy. It links to an app that helps you measure and track your child’s temperature if those summer illnesses do hit. Kinsa’s free app tracks fever readings, symptoms, diagnoses, medication doses, and other notes in a time-stamped log, for each member of the family. It also offers guidance based on your child’s temperature readings. No more wondering what to do next when your child is running a fever. This thermometer and app give real-time advice based on your child’s temperature, symptoms, and age.

  7. Stick to a healthy diet. With so many summer treats, it’s easy for kids to pass on eating the recommended servings of fruits and veggies. Keep your kitchen stocked with healthy snacks all summer long. Make treats that have nutritional value and health benefits like the tangy citrus immune boosting popsicles we’re sharing with you today! They are absolutely delicious, but they also pack a serious punch in helping to support your child’s immune system.

Download: Baby's First Year Weekly Health Chart