The Johnsons: Kinsa's biggest fans

Kinsa's Story

If you ever find yourself in Lyndhurst, Ohio (just outside of Cleveland), chances are you’ll meet Julie Johnson or someone she’s related to. Between Julie, her parents three blocks away, the grandparents next door, and husband Kevin who works at the local pediatric ER, this family has the town covered. But the ones you’re most likely to remember are the two Johnson boys. At 2.5, Levi can be found blowing kisses to all who cross his path, and is the only toddler that they let help drive the forklift and check out groceries at the store. Of course, 8 month-old Caeden is not to be overlooked either, already making friends everywhere they go (big brother Levi being his biggest fan of all).


There’s very little, Julie explains, that gets Levi and Caeden down. But Levi is unfortunately prone to the occasional high fever episode. The first time this happened, Julie and Kevin (as “overwhelmed and over-tired” first time parents, she relates) got out their Kinsa immediately and were relieved to show their pediatrician the illness details on the Kinsa app without concern that they wrote something down wrong or misremembered it. They not only had time-stamped temperature readings – they also had data on when they had given medicine and how Levi had reacted. When the pediatrician saw that medicine hadn’t lowered Levi’s 105 degree fever – and that it was in fact a 105 fever and not a 100.5 fever (apparently this confusion happens often), he instantly knew to take Levi’s illness seriously.

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Thankfully, Levi’s fever broke and his health improved quickly, but it was the first of several episodes that have taught Julie and Kevin to always be “at the ready.” For them, this means they keep Kinsas in multiple places – the car, diaper bag and at grandma’s house, to name a few. They’ve also made Kinsa their go-to baby shower gift, and recommend Kinsas whenever the topic of thermometers comes up on local message boards, in parenting groups, and even as Kevin is taking care of sick kiddos at work.

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Julie and Kevin saw the value of Kinsa so instantly not just because of Levi’s fevers, but because of their background. As a paramedic firefighter focused on kids, Kevin loves tools that are quick and accurate but also put children at ease. And as a teacher by trade, Julie is a sucker for anything that involves data (instead of depending on stressed out “mom brain”). By leaving the tracking and real-time guidance to Kinsa, explains Julie, “You get to be Mom – you don’t have to be a doctor at the same time.” Even Julie’s mom, a nurse practitioner who swears there’s never been a solid replacement for the always-accurate glass mercury thermometer, admits the genius of Kinsa.

“Have you noticed a higher concentration of Kinsa users around Cleveland, Ohio?” asks Julie. “Because if you have – that’s all us. We’ve convinced everyone to use Kinsa!”

Thanks so much to our new favorite Cleveland family! Stay healthy – and awesome – Johnsons!

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