The Best Camera Apps for Back-to-School


What's the best way to capture and share a moment? We've compiled a few of the newest camera apps that are perfect for those first moments. Whether it's the first day of school or baby's first step, these apps bring life to your photos like never before!


Add music or sound to your photos, and share anywhere

Have you ever looked at a photo and thought of a song or wondered what they were thinking in that moment? Shuttersong is exactly what you've been looking for. This app goes above and beyond pic snapping by allowing you to add a sound track to each photo. Let your friends and family know the behind-the-scenes scoop by recording your thoughts or adding your favorite piece of music. Or you can orchestrate your very own soundtrack à la movie montage by stitching together your best photos in a collage. We're already obsessed!

Cost: Free
Compatibility: iOS, Windows

Sprout Baby

The ultimate personalized app for your new baby

Keep track of all your new baby's milestones with this super handy all-in-one app that comes loaded with a number of tracking features, including bottle and breast-feeding, sleep schedule, immunizations and even diaper changes. Take photos of your little one as they grow and add to your personalized profile.  Sprout Baby also allows you to sync all of your information across devices, so your family can follow along and share their own photos. It's a baby book and health tracker all in one!

Cost: Free trial
Compatibility: iOS


Save all of your special family moments in a beautiful online journal

If you're over posting photos on Facebook, try 23Snaps to share your albums in private with friends and family. Designed by parents, for parents, this app allows you to keep your closest circle in the loop on special moments. Take your albums to the next level by designing photo books that you can then order to print for gifts and keepsakes.

Cost: Free
Compatibility: iOS, Android, Windows, Amazon Fire

Day One

Make journaling your life a simple pleasure
Hitting the road this year? Take your photo journal to the next level with Day One, a microblogging photo app. Map your trips and share the vistas by including notes, status updates, local weather, and locations so that your loved ones can follow along with you. If you're stumped on what to write, Day One even comes equipped with a writing inspiration prompt.

Cost: $4.99
Compatibility: iOS


A photo and video timeline of your kids

Does it seem like you've blinked and suddenly your newborn baby is now entering preschool? Lifecake's photo app creates a timeline so that you can look back in wonder at how much your child has grown over the years. If you take dozens of photos of your kids everyday then this app is a great tool to help you organize them all according to your child's age so that you can easily find a specific moment. It's a virtual time machine!

Cost: Free
Compatilbility: iOS, Android

Do you take lots of photos of your children? What is your favorite camera app and why? How do you feel about sharing photos of your children on social media?


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