The Autumn Bucket List


Fall has finally arrived! The leaves are changing colors, the weather is cooling down and I for one, can’t wait to dive deep into all the wonderful things Autumn brings.

And although Southern California isn’t quite known for its Fall, I’m still excited to celebrate the season with my kids. Here’s what’s on my bucket list this season:

  • Get our pumpkin on and visit a pumpkin patch. Count me in for corn mazes and pumpkin crafts and picking out absurdly large pumpkins. I can’t wait to find that perfect pumpkin and let my kid pick out a little pumpkin. And I’m even more excited to carve that pumpkin!

  • Leaves, leaves, leaves! I’m determined to find some leaves my son can jump around in. Or just crunch a few under his shoes. Or take some home to get a little crafty. Fall leaves are the prettiest and perfect for toddler magic.

  • Bake! Now that it’s not sweltering all day long, I can’t wait to bust out the Kitchen Aid and get baking with my son. Banana bread, pumpkin bread, cookies, casseroles, I’m all in. Perhaps I’ll even let my three year old pick a few recipes to try and we can bake together.

  • Apple picking! If we can’t go to a pumpkin patch for some reason, I definitely want to make it to an apple farm. As much as I love pumpkin season, I love apples just as much.

  • Family costumes! As a new family of four, I’m determined to get us matching Halloween costumes this year. I feel like this might be the last year I can talk my three year old into a costume he doesn’t choose and I need to capitalize on that. And I can’t wait!

I’m so excited Fall is finally here and can’t wait to dive in. What are you planning to do this Fall?