Seasonal Allergy FAQ: 10 Helpful Tips

Health Bytes

The glimmers of sunshine, the birds singing, the flowers blooming, the pollen flying… many of us (in fact, 50 million people in the U.S!) suffer from nasal allergies, and that number is increasing! Researchers estimate that allergies affect as many as 30% of adults and 40% of kids. So let’s learn a little more about them:

  1. If you’ve got one, that’s probably not the whole story
    People who have one discovered allergy are more likely to develop others. But if you’re over 30 and home free, good news - most allergies develop before that age.

  2. That yellow dust isn’t the culprit
    Don’t bother scrubbing away the pollen you can see. Unfortunately it’s the smaller pollen that you CAN’T see that gets into your nasal passages and causes the problems

  3. There is no cure
    While there are plenty of treatments and medications, there is no official “cure” - not good considering it’s one of the country’s most common ailments!

  4. Desert cities don’t help
    Don’t move to Phoenix on behalf of your sinuses - you’ll be better off in places like San Diego and Portland, where a breezy ocean keeps pollen from staying put.

  5. Honey doesn’t help
    Honey includes heavier pollen from brightly colored flowers, whereas seasonal allergies are most often from the lighter pollen the wind whips up from weeds, trees and grasses.

  6. Keep a natural ‘do
    Here’s a surprising one - hair products can make pollen stick, keeping them near your nasal passages and causing problems. An excuse to skip the blow-dry and pony up instead!

  7. Rub some dirt in it
    Feeling inadequate when you enter your friend’s pristine, germ-less temple of a home? On the allergy front, you win! It turns out that kids who are exposed to toxins have less of a reaction to allergens.

  8. That said, shoes off
    While a lack of home toxins can make allergies worse on your kids, try not to invite the allergens in! Allergens often hitch a ride on shoes, so leaving them at the door should help inside.

  9. Hold the fruit
    When you’re body is in allergy-attack mode, the natural pollen in fruit can trigger a similar reaction. To avoid a fruit-flare-up, consider peeling the skin or cooking your fruits

Put down the wine
I know I know, it’s tough to quit the Mommy Juice - but alcohol dilates the nose’s blood vessels and can make those sniffles worse. It’s up to you if this one’s worth it!