Plan & Play: The Kinsa Retreat

Kinsa's Story

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When you’re trying to stop illness from spreading, the work can feel a little… serious. Of course, we Kinsans make sure to lighten things up regularly with weekly group lunches, game nights, happy hours, our volleyball team (Go “Fever!”), and more. But once a year, we take team building a step farther by getting out of San Francisco for a few days to play, plan and promote lots of cross-company communication and teamwork. Image uploaded from iOS (15)

Image uploaded from iOS (14)Last week, all of Kinsa headed to the Chaminade Resort in Santa Cruz. We took a deep dive into our FLUency program -- how we rocked it and how to make it better. We dug into our future plans and goals, and what we need to accomplish now to make sure we hit them. We also learned about improv comedy, battled it out in a boat building contest, had some great nighttime chats by the firepit, and played a heated game of trivia that spanned everything from Kinsa history to pop culture.

It was relaxing to take a few days to unwind, refreshing to remind ourselves of what makes this team soImage uploaded from iOS (13) great, and re-invigorating to come back to work, full of new ideas and motivation to move even faster in our quest to make the world a healthier place!