New Year’s Resolutions: Can I get a Do-Over?

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How are you doing on those new year’s resolutions? If you’re doing as well as I am, I’ll buy you a chocolate cake. And then I’ll eat it myself. Because THAT is how well I’m doing on mine. But if there’s any icing on this can’t-seem-to-avoid it cake, it’s that we’re not alone. In fact, a recent study determined that only 8 percent of people actually achieve their resolutions for the year… 8%!

So if you’ve fallen off track or aren’t as motivated as you were in the beginning of January, let’s call Feb 1 “the new Jan 1” and give it another go. This time, here are some tips that might help you along.

-Track your progress
Seeing yourself hitting milestones along the way will make a huge difference in your overall success. Whether you’re trying to lose weight, cook at home more or become more active, log what you’re doing and how often you’re doing it! It’ll be much more satisfying to see that big number of books you’ve read or miles you’ve run than simply asking yourself how you feel at the end of the year.


-Treat every day as a new day 

Didn’t make it to the trail or soup kitchen today? That’s okay! Beating yourself up can be more demotivating than motivating to some. Remember that 365 is a lot of days. If you manage to achieve your goals even a third of those days, you’re in the triple digits. Miss 180 days and you can still say “more often than not.” The important thing is how you’ll treat and approach tomorrow, and how you do over the course of the year.


-Remind yourself that it takes time

Overnight successes never really happen overnight. Get clear on the changes you want to make, but be realistic about how you are actually going to make them happen. Remember, baby steps are better than no steps. And the big steps tend to take us backward even faster than they take us forward (said the girl who went for the chocolate cake AFTER the juice cleanse).


-Reward yourself

Been killing it lately? Go ahead and celebrate! Take a day off, or splurge a little. Rewarding yourself is often what you need to stay on track and keep those goals in mind - and it has the same effect ultimate effect as “blowing it” because you’ve been pushing or depriving yourself too much… but in a MUCH emotionally healthier way.


-Share results

Go ahead and show off! Post photos of your bad self and tell people how far you’ve come and where you plan to get. I often wish people were as encouraging and friendly in real life as they are on Facebook - I promise you’ll get a pile of motivating “likes.” Plus, you might just end up motivating a friend who was looking for an extra push. Maybe you’ll even find a partner in crime to join you on your journey!


-Stay motivated

Still having a tough time? I hear you. Just remember, every 1st of the month (or Monday, for that matter) can be your New Year. Start over again and again and again - we’ve all been there. Just make sure you learn along the way. All of your successes and failures will help you discover what truly motivates you, I promise.

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