New to the Kinsa Family: Meet Nurse Blake

Kinsa's Story

We're excited to introduce our new in-house Nurse, Blake! She'll be here to help answer questions and share her expertise with everyone. We wanted to let Blake introduce herself and share her story. We're so excited to have her join the Kinsa family.
I have been a nurse for just over 10 years and am here to hopefully ease the minds of any worried parents, guiding you on what to expect during times of illness and when to be (and not to be!) worried. Most of my nursing career has been working with NICU babies so I have a soft spot for any sick kiddo. In addition to nursing, I love to write and am so grateful to combine these two passions here at Kinsa.
When I'm not nursing, I'm hangin' with my two daughters, husband, and our pups. We live in the mountains of Colorado and if I could spend every second outdoors, I would! From hiking to biking to running marathons and ultra-marathons, I love to be as active as possible. I also love to read and am an expert dog snuggler, in my down time. My kids tease me that I love our dogs more than them and while this is obviously untrue, it's a fair joke.
Really looking forward to chatting with you all about any parenting worries. As they say - it takes a village!

Download: Baby's First Year Weekly Health Chart