How Kinsa Helps Foster Mom Battle Sickness

Kinsa's Story

Taking care of sick kids is a tough job for any parent. We created Kinsa to make the whole process just a little easier on mom & dad and on kids. But what about foster parents who face new health challenges with each child they bring into their home? Mom Renee tells us how Kinsa helps her better manage her family’s health.

Mom Renee from Arizona is a foster and adoptive mom who’s used to managing the health of many different children in her home. She’s currently looking after 4 kids, all under the age of 3. According to Renee, they always get sick at the same time.

“I used to keep a binder with health information for each of my kids.” With her Kinsa thermometer and app, she doesn’t have to. “Now I can enter all that information on the app, and create profiles for each of my kids. I can show everything to the doctor right from my phone.”

The ability to track health information is especially important for foster moms like Renee, who often care for children that face weakened immune systems. “It’s really hard as a foster mom because our kids don't always have the best start to life, so they are already more susceptible to getting sick.”

Renee finds Kinsa particularly helpful in her family, where the children she takes in are often in even more predisposed to illness. “Even taking preventive measures, it is almost impossible to control what they’re coming home with. We have a higher license for fostering, so some of our kids are labeled as ‘medically fragile’ by the state. Those children especially are the ones that Kinsa is really a lifesaver with.”


The family recently leaned on Kinsa when Renee noticed a virus spreading through her household. She tracked details for each of her children on the Kinsa app and was able to show the doctor. “Luckily only a few of the kids ended up getting sick.”

“When sickness hits multiple kids, I love being able to track temperatures, symptoms, medications, and general notes for each kid. My oldest LOVES popping the bubbles too. I highly recommend this to all parents! 

The first question pediatricians ask is how high your child's fever was and when. Kinsa helps you keep your whole family's health in check with a record of temperature, symptom, medication and diagnosis history for each member of the family. Learn more about Kinsa today.

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