Smithville Primary Demonstrates the Power of Community Health Program

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Kinsa’s FLUency Program launched at Smithville Primary Elementary School in Missouri on November 11th, 2015. Two and a half months in, 100% of families in the school were participating in the FLUency program and actively engaging with Smithville's Kinsa group - a fantastic demonstration of how much a community health program like this was needed in Smithville.

Kinsa in use at Smithville Primary

Parents of Smithville credit Kinsa's FLUency program with helping their children to recover faster and allowing them to identify illness more quickly.

Crystal Beets, a parent at Smithville and member of FLUency, has thanked her school for bringing this program to families like hers. “My little guy became ill very quick, and after viewing all of the posts on our message board we had a pretty good idea what we were up against. I was able to get him into the doctor on the same day, and with a positive test result for Influenza A...we were able to get him on Tamiflu. Considering the timeframe in which Tamiflu is most helpful...Kinsa helped us get him on the road to recovery quicker.”

This is precisely the sort of essential information Kinsa is hoping to help provide through FLUency's community health efforts.

Smithville's school nurse, Cassie Lawhon, saw the benefit of the program immediately, both for her as a nurse and for the rest of the community. “FLUency helped raise awareness in our community about what was going around and helped me, as a nurse, reach out to the community and give them relevant and timely information that they didn’t have before.”

“We’re in such close quarters in elementary school. We teach them to wash their hands, but kids aren’t always great with that,” Cassie says. Through Kinsa’s in-app communication function, parents and staff within the school’s group can chat with one another and gain insight, allowing them to react and prevent germs from spreading. “They can see the symptoms coming and know what to expect.”

Local news stations Channel 9 and Fox 4 KC in the Kansas City metro area have picked up on the program's significant impact, noting how effective communication can be in keeping kids healthy. "When parents talk with one another, kids with a fever or cold can be isolated more quickly, and that can stop a bug before it spreads," Sean McDowell of Fox 4 KC writes.

The FLUency program's impact in Smithville has now gone beyond the school walls. Kinsa's sales in retailers near Smithville are nearly double the national average, and neighboring schools have begun forming their own school groups on Kinsa's app, despite not being official members of the FLUency program.

We're thrilled to see the positive effect Kinsa's had on Smithville and the community around it, and we're working to grow the FLUency program even bigger for the coming school year.

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