Coolest Kinsa Mom Around

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Coolest Kinsa Mom Around

We love hearing from all kinds of Kinsa users. So when Barbara Adler, the mother of the three taller-than-she-is sons above (they are age 18, 20 and 22) contacted us about her favorite thermometer, we were thrilled to learn her story.

Like many Kinsa moms, Barbara is a busy career woman on the go who doesn’t have time for illness. But what sets Barbara apart from many of the moms we chat with is her choice of career:


You see, Barbara is a founding member of the only dance troupe of its kind – MOMZ -N- DA HOOD™,  a group of hip hop and breakdancing moms and grandmoms who are spreading the word that anything is possible at any age!

Barbara has been with MOMZ –N- DA HOOD for over a decade, and has performed countless times on TV and even at the Hip Hop International Championships.  Now in her 50’s (and after a recent total hip replacement), keeping track of her health has never been more important.

Of course, even with grown sons, Barbara is concerned about the health and wellness of her family above all else. As more of a “veteran mom” than many featured Kinsa users, she has news for us: even older kids get sick, and moms never stop worrying."


Barbara purchased her first Kinsa a few years back. Then when her first son headed to college, she made sure to send him with his own. Over the years, she's gotten Kinsas for each of her kids as they’ve made their way to their college dorms, and has loved “being there” for them when they’ve gotten sick and shared their illness details with her through the Kinsa app. She likes taking care of them in person better, though – because they let her “pop the bubbles” for them while they take a temperature.

“I've used every thermometer type ever invented over the years but NONE compares to our Kinsa,” says Barbara. “I may not be your typical Kinsa mom, but we are a definite Kinsa family!”

And to that, all we can say is – Stay Cool, Barbara! And maybe teach us a few dance moves while you’re at it!