Calling all Schools: FLUency™ 2017 Applications Open

Our Mission

Kinsa’s FLUency program is a health initiative to curb the spread of illness within school classrooms nationwide. Our program began with a pilot in the 2014-2015 flu season, and we’ve expanded it over the years to help hundreds of elementary schools across the nation. This year, thanks to the support of several trusted family health brands, we are excited to broaden FLUency to help tens of thousands more families through 2018!

Applications are currently open for school nurses and administrators who are interested in bringing a community health program to their school. Get yours to apply here!

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What’s Kinsa?

Kinsa turned the first device you grab when sickness strikes - the thermometer - into a support system to help keep your family healthy. Recommended by 9 out of 10 pediatricians, Kinsa supports you from the first sign of illness through recovery and beyond by focusing on what’s most important - what to do next. Our QuickCare Thermometer:

  • Takes professionally accurate 8 second digital temperature readings at the press of a button
  • Offers personalized guidance on how & when to soothe symptoms, take meds and call the doctor
  • Wirelessly connects to your phone to keep each family member's health details in your pocket for you or the pediatrician


What’s FLUency?

Kinsa’s FLUency program enables schools and parents to detect and respond to spreading illness more quickly, keeping kids and classrooms healthier! All families and staff in accepted schools receive free Kinsa Smart Thermometers ($19.99 retail value) and join a private group on the Kinsa app to see the overall health of their school, including common symptoms and illnesses going around.

Group members can anonymously post questions, share symptoms and diagnoses and offer their experience to help others stay ahead of illness.


How does FLUency benefit my school?

We’ve seen significant results in previous years. Parents who know which illnesses are going around their child’s school can catch sickness faster, treat it sooner and prevent it from spreading to other students.

We’ve seen a mom who was able to avoid trips to the ER in the middle of the night thanks to stories from other parents in her child’s school. We’ve seen parents who were able to get their child on Tamiflu earlier because they knew Influenza A was going around their son’s school. We’ve seen better communication and engagement amongst parents within a small community and the powerful effect that can have on overall health. We’ve even heard anecdotes from school administrators that attendance rates increased after implementing the FLUency program at their school!

Tip: If you would like to apply for the Kinsa FLUency program in your school, we recommend requesting your school nurse or administrator to fill out an application.

Download: Baby's First Year Weekly Health Chart