Back to School: Tech Edition


From EdTech apps to the latest homework helpers, we’ve got you covered with the best tech & gadgets for Back to School. Just wait for those A’s to start rolling in.

  1. Google Chromecast 
    Because even the best students need a break from hitting the books. Chromecast lets you stream from your laptop or mobile device, using your phone as a remote. It also comes with great games for the family. The best part? You can control what they watch by hooking it up to your phone. ($35)
  2. JBL clip 2 
    This is a wireless speaker that can clip onto everything and anything. It comes with a carabiner to attach to a backpack. It’s great for their favorite tunes, or, hopefully for those e-books.


  3. XYZ Printing da Vinci 3D Pen 
    Ok this is really cool. This gadget from XYZ Printing takes arts and crafts to the next level, or should we say, next dimension. Bring your child’s artwork to life with this 3D pen. You may need to replace the wall of fame with a shelf of fame, but it’s definitely worth it.
    ($49.95 for the pen)


  4. Tile 
    Face it - we lose things. Kids lose a lot of things. Tuck a Tile inside anything of importance (maybe not recommended for your kids themselves, but we wouldn’t judge) and you’ll be able to locate it (or tell whether it’s past the point of return). Get one for your kid’s electronics, their expensive text books or anything else that seems to find legs of its own.
    (1 for $25, 4 for $70, 8 for $130, plus free app. The gift of sanity: priceless).


  5. Here comes the bus. Ok probably more for mom and dad than for the kids, but this cool app lets you track your child’s journey on the school bus so you can time your errands accordingly and worry a little less. You’ll also know when it’s on the way in the morning so you can avoid being late to work due to an unexpected drop-off if it happens to come a few minutes earlier than usual. It even tells you if your little guy made it onto the bus so you know he’s not stranded at school. (FREE app, iOS + Android)


  6. Photomath App 
    Let’s be honest - many of us reach a point pretty early on where we’re nearly useless when it comes to helping our kids with math homework (I’d consider it a triumph if that point is anywhere after 4th grade. Long division? No thanks.). This is a great addition for those who might need those math problems spelled out. All you do is take a picture of the problem and Photomath solves it while offering a detailed explanation. Be careful though - some sneaky students might try using this on homework before they’ve given it a go on their own.
    (FREE app, iOS + Android)


  7. Flashcards with Cram - the oldest study buddy in the book has gone digital. Discover thousands of flashcards that have been made by users, or create your own. WIth Cram’s handy app, you can make and print them on the go. (FREE app, iOS + Android)


  8. Square Panda Phonics Playset 
    For the little guys and girls still mastering their ABCs, this iPad-based interactive phonics playset is the perfect companion to get them reading and writing in no time. Just think of it as this generation’s “Hooked on Phonics.” ($119 for the set)

  9. Boogie Board Jot 4.5 with Clearview 
    This is awesome for helping kids practice their letters on the go. It’s basically a tablet that mimics writing on paper, and it comes with traceable letter cards. Think of it as an upgrade from the old etch-a-sketch.   ($19.99) For younger kids, consider the Scribble n Play ($47.99). It’s multi-colored and comes with a few different stylus tools.

  10. Code-a-pillar 
    This little crawler is a great way to get your little ones into the tech world. Future developers can start learning how to code early by developing problem solving and critical thinking skills. The whole
    think & learn set from Fisher Price, along with their apps, is great for pre-school age kids who want to explore. ($49.99)


  11. Kinsa Smart Thermometer 
    No parent’s toolkit is complete without the #1 thermometer to help them track their children’s health. If you’ve got kids in school, be sure to apply to Kinsa’s FLUency program to bring FREE thermometers to your whole school, and join your school’s group to find out which illnesses have been going around.




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