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Cold and flu season is on its way. You’ll want to be prepared to tackle any symptoms of cold and flu your family may be experiencing, from fever to headache to sore throats to coughs to body aches. Your arsenal of cold and flu remedies can be the difference between a good night’s rest and a nightmare. Here’s our list of tools to help you keep cold and flu at bay!

Consider picking up these items on your next trip to the pharmacy:

Over The Counter Medication

It simply can’t be denied that having an effective cold medication helps take the edge off the misery of a cold. Find cold medications for the children and adults in your family that you can use in both daytime, to reduce the runny nose, sneezing, body aches and sinus pressure during the day; and nighttime, that will allow you and your family to find restful sleep throughout the night.

In addition, ingredients found in products such as Advil (Ibuprofen) and Tylenol (Acetaminophen) help reducefever, headaches and body aches. Ibuprofen also boasts anti-inflammatory powers. Having a decent stock of the products you prefer, with varying strengths for children and adults, will be your important go-to on those days and nights when fever and aches is making everyone feel just miserable.

Cough Drops and Lozenges

Cold and flu can bring terrible and harsh coughs or throat inflammation that can make your child, and everyone else in the family, want to crawl out of their skin. Throat lozenges that aim to reduce pain and inflammation in the throat and reduce cough will often contain menthol, or other ingredients like eucalyptus oil. Other lozenges like cloraseptic ones have stronger medicinal ingredients like benzocaine to numb the throat.


You can never have too many interventions in your home to help stop the spread of nasty germs: the good ol’ tissue is one of the best and oldest tricks in the book. A stock of tissues, especially the kind that contains moisturizers and aloe, will help contain germs while providing relief to sore, chapped, runny noses. Let your kids choose which fun tissue packs they want to have by their beds for cold and flu season!

Hand Sanitizer

A good hand sanitizer is your number one defense during cold and flu season. Sanitizers reduce the spread of bacteria by using alcohol to kill harmful germs. When looking for a hand sanitizer to keep in your medicine cabinet, look for one that has at least 60% alcohol to maximize its effectiveness. Avoid antibacterial soaps that have the potential to wipe away the good germs needed to fight off colds.

Petroleum Jelly

We all know that petroleum jelly is one of the most versatile and effective lubricants out there – it’s been used for over a century! Petroleum jelly (most commonly known by the brand name Vaseline) can help lubricate the nose when there is excessive sneezing and nose blowing due to cold or flu.

Neti Pot or Nasal Irrigation Rinse

Nasal irrigation, or a nasal rinsing, is often an effective way to use saline solution to flush out crusting or excess mucous in the sinuses due to cold or flu. For adults, a Neti Pot is usually recommended for nasal irrigation, as it allows the adult to pour the saline through the sinuses to relieve the sinus pressure. For children, using a Neti Pot isn’t always an easy process. Instead, you may choose to use a saline rinse, that children can use themselves. Many who do nasal irrigation or nasal rinsing claim it helps relieve sinus pressure better than any cold medication can.


Having your thermometer at the ready will allow you to recognize when the sniffles or a little cough has become something worse. The Kinsa Smart Thermometer will give you a quick and accurate read on temperatures, while tracking symptoms, medication doses and more for every member of the family. Having an accurate record of your child’s health helps your doctor offer an informed diagnosis and recommend next steps for treatment.

For cold and flu season, it is always smart to be prepared. Taking the time to update your medicine cabinet on a regular basis will help you to save time and energy, and late-night emergency trips to the pharmacy, in search of relief from your family’s toughest cold and flu symptoms.


This article was created by Jesse Rowe.

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