Back to School: Lice Prevention

Health Bytes

We’re back to school and back in the swing of things! And as a parent, you want to keep your kids healthy for as long as you possibly can. We’ve already shared our Flu Prevention tips Today we’re here to help you prevent the next common enemy: LICE.

Advise Your Kids Against Sharing Hats
Lice can live up to two days without an actual host and can be transferred through hats, helmets, headphones, coats and scarves. So advise your children to be cautious when swapping headgear (or avoid it all together!).

Do Routine Head Checks

A lice infestation can usually be detected by the appearance of nits. Check your children’s head regularly even if they aren't scratching. It can actually take a few weeks for itching to occur.

Keep The Hair Accessories Separate

If you have more than one kid in the house, make sure you’re using different hairbrushes for each of them. Having separate hairware is an easy way to keep anything from spreading throughout your household.

Essential Oils
Who knew? Essential oils have so many purposes but using tea tree, lavender, rosemary or lemongrass oils will all do the trick to help prevent a lice infestation. Also, all of them smell delicious! Not into the oils? Lice tend to dislike all kinds of hair product, so style away!

Download: Baby's First Year Weekly Health Chart