Avoiding Spring Sickness

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Have you managed to survive the peak of flu season relatively unscathed? Good for you! Isn’t it fantastic to be done with all that sniffly sickness?

Unfortunately, this is where I have to say “not so fast.” Right about this time of year there are a handful of factors that cause what some people call “Spring Sickness.”  Check out the two most common culprits below:

Factor 1: Allergies

Everything is blooming! Unfortunately, this is not a good thing for seasonal allergy sufferers. Not only do allergies take their toll on their own, but they can also make you feel crummy enough to stop doing immune-system boosting activities, such as exercising, eating healthy, and sleeping well. It’s no fair but it’s true - allergies have the “double whammy” effect of making you both feel lousy and leaving your body ripe for a virus to take hold.

Factor 2: Air Conditioning

You might not expect your fresh-off-winter-break air conditioner to be doing damage, but it could be for a surprising reason. Many viruses (including flu viruses) do not like humidity, and most air conditioners reduce humidity. That is also one reason why airplanes can harbor germs. This is tough to combat on an airplane or even in an office, but you can re-humidify your home with any inexpensive humidifier (keep them in bedrooms for maximum effect).

Regardless of the cause, the same healthy tips will stave off Spring Sickness. To stay as healthy as possible, any time of year, follow what we Kinsans call the WARD plan - so you can WARD off illness before it takes hold!

W: Water

Stay hydrated! Water is the ideal way to go - you don’t want to fill up on sugary or nutrition-free drinks.

A: Activity

Keep exercising! Studies show that an active lifestyle makes for a healthier body - and even a healthier brain!

R: Rest

Don’t forget to catch your zzz’s. Getting good rest helps your body stave off germs and heal itself.

D: Diet

Eat right! Research shows that diets full of vitamin-rich fruits and vegetables and lean proteins really matter.

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