7 Must-Have Gadgets for Runners


Gearing up for the marathon this weekend? Trying to stick to that New Year’s Resolution? Here are our favorite apps and gadgets to help runners take off, fast. IoT for the win.

  • Bose Sound Sport in-ear headphones. What’s running without some music to pump you up? These are great - quality sound, no slip grips, sweat- and weather-resistant.

  • Kinsa smart thermometer. You track your miles, your heart rate, even your blood pressure. Be sure you also track your health. Stay on top of illness by catching it early. 

  • Strava. The social network for athletes, Strava uses GPS tracking to record your activity and lets you share it with your friends. Find challenges, view your progress and encourage fellow athletes.

  • Charity Miles. Move for good with the app that donates money to charity for each mile you conquer - running, walking, biking or anything in between.

  • Fitbit Blaze. Now on pre-order, this smart watch is designed for athletes. Track heart rate, workouts, activity and sleep data, monitor music and plan your route with connected GPS.

  • Taylor Smart Scale. Monitor more than just your weight with this scale designed to estimate body fat, body water and muscle mass. It connects to your phone via Bluetooth to record your stats over time.

  • HydraCoach Smart Water Bottle. Hydration is key. This smart water bottle keeps track of your hydration levels and sends reminders when it’s time to drink up.


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