6 Savvy Parents Who Tweet About Tech


These parents (or soon-to-be) are filled with wisdom and have really fine-tuned the balance between tech and wellness. Have you been looking for some new Twitter inspiration lately? Follow our current Twitter favs.

1) Carley Knobloch
Carley Knobloch
@CarleyKnobloch is a host on HGTV and the Today Show. Carly covers digital tech and how it affects our daily lives.

"That technology should rise up to serve you, not bum you out. That adopting the right technology can be life changing. That you can live beautifully and elegantly with technology without spending a lot of money and time. And that everyone can do it if they have the right guide."

--Carley's thoughts on technology from her website

2) Andy Puddicombe
Andy Puddicombe
@andy_headspace is the founder of the meditation app, Headspace and the author of two books. Andy is also a mindfulness and meditation expert.

"Meditation itself is about letting go of any need to try and get somewhere or achieve something. So if we are approaching it in the right way, then there is no pressure whatsoever. In fact, it may just be the very first thing we have ever done in our entire life where there is no goal or result intended. This is quite a liberating feeling. All that meditation asks of us is that we train the mind to be less distracted."

--Andy on meditation from his blog

3) Marti Weston
Marti Weston

@MartiWeston is a blogger, coach, and teacher. Marti aims to help children in the modern world grow into thoughtful, collaborative, and savvy digital citizens.

"Most of us take seriously a new mission that requires us to enable students as they mold themselves into collaborators, dynamic learners, good problem solvers, and experiential learners. We also know that it’s critical to help them become confident enough to learn in a world that continuously changes (and at great speed)." -

--Marti on how to help students grow in the 21st century from her blog

4) Natali Morris
Natali Morris
@natalimorris is a tech contributor for CNBC, The Today Show, and The Queen Latifah Show. Natali is also the host and editor-in-chief of Crash Test Mom.

"In 2010, Steve Jobs unveiled the iPad. I sat in the audience with Miles in my womb and I remember thinking, 'This thing will change the way my child sees the world.' Clearly I was right! My son wasn't afraid of the blood test, as long as he could call up some visuals of what to expect."

--Natali on prepping her son for a doctor's visit from the Crash Test Mom blog

5) Jeana Tahnk

Jeana Tahnk
@JeanaTahnk has been in tech and PR for 15 years now. Jeana's expertise allows her to contribute as a writer on Mashable, the Huffington Post, and Parenting magazine. She is also the associate editor of Cool Mom Tech.

"It's amazing how much technology has changed over the past decade and how ingrained it has become in our society. And this is just the beginning... I can honestly say that technology has truly paved the way for a more organized and efficient life. And it's made me a better mom in the process."

--Jeana on how technology made her a better mom from Mashable

6) Mike Johnson
Mike Johnson
@mjamrst is the co-founder of Next Impulse Sports and founder of Playground Dads. Mike blogs about technology products, events, stories and advice that helps dads find balance.

"[When I] got organized and made better business choices so that I was free to go all in with my kids and make the most of our time together. It was counterintuitive to me at first, but it created a beautiful cycle: The more I genuinely focused on family, the more it actually helped my career. The smarter I worked, the more I was able to build better relationships with my kids."

--Mike on balancing business and parenting on Playground Dad


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