5 Apps to Track Back to School Vaccinations


A new school year is right around the corner, and there are so many things for you to get done before that first day! Your kids (and some parents too) are likely trying to soak in every last second of summertime fun and freedom. But now is the perfect time to get a leg up on your back-to-school health checklist with an absolute must: vaccination updates.

Having trouble keeping track of all the different vaccines your child needs before starting school? Let us help with these 5 apps that will get you sorted, and even more importantly, keep your kids healthy and school-ready!

Added bonus: These time-saving apps means you can lay out poolside just a little bit longer. You're welcome.

1) Child Health Tracker

Child Health Tracker

American Academy of Pediatrics has developed a number of apps to help keep parents like you informed about your children's health. From important updates from the AAP to car seat safety guidelines, the wealth of knowledge is all easily accessible from your smartphone. The Child Health Tracker shows you nearby providers, recommendations for upcoming immunizations, and how to prep for these visits.

Compatibility: iOS
Price: $4.99


2) SHOTS 2014

Shots and Immunizations 2014

The SHOTS 2014 app was created by the Society of Teachers of Family Medicine. It is populated and reviewed by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention with the most up-to-date information on vaccines. This is a great resource to determine specific needs for age and health categories. For example, immunizations given to a 10-month old infant is very different from a 18 year old soon-to-be college freshman, and even more different from a grandfather with diabetes.

Compatibility: iOS and Android
Price: $3.99


3) Vaccines on the Go: What You Should Know

Vaccines on the go

This app from the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia provides a comprehensive breakdown of the different types of vaccines and information on the diseases each vaccine prevents. In addition to safety topics and how each vaccine is made, there is also a recommended schedule for all age groups. There are videos and graphics that teach you about the contagiousness level and typical timeline of each disease.

Compatibility: iOS and Android

Price: Free



The iVaccine app was designed specifically to help you keep track of upcoming vaccinations for your kids. It uses region specific schedules from the CDC and WHO to provide pop-up reminders to let you know when a vaccination is due. You can also set custom reminders for the specific needs of your child or recommendations from your pediatrician. Super handy, right?

Compatibility: iOS and Android
Price: Free

5) Baby Bundle

Baby Bundle App

Another baby specific app for all your tracking needs! Co-founded by media personality Dr. Jen, who is a pediatrician, a fellow of the AAP, and a mother of three, this truly is the bundle of all bundles for new parenting apps. This app has so many useful functions, we shared it in bullet point format:

  • Monitor sleeping, feeding, diaper changing, and pumping schedules
  • Record baby's growth measurements: weight, length, head circumference
  • A comprehensive parenting guide written by Dr. Jen
  • Health reference
  • Vaccine and check-up organizer
  • Others: forum, photo journal, and baby monitor

Compatibility: iOS
Price: Free

If all this talk of vaccines has made you a little needle-phobic, read up on a nasal spray alternative for vaccinations. To track your baby's health when they do get sick, get the Kinsa Smart Thermometerand app.

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Download: Baby's First Year Weekly Health Chart